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Video Testimonial Vanessa CDS Hire Caregiver Daughter

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CDS Enables a Mother to Hire Caregiver Daughter

How a mother with a chronic illness can hire caregiver daughter

If you qualify for CDS in Missouri, your daughter (or family members) may qualify to get paid by Advantage Home Care with our Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) program.

CDS Enables Dialysis Patient to Live At Home

In the face of health challenges that reshaped the course of her life, Vanessa emerged resilient. Diagnosed with hypertension, her journey took a turn with the removal of her kidneys, leading to a reliance on dialysis. Yet, Vanessa’s determination to preserve her independence remained unwavering. Through the Missouri Consumer Direct Services program and Advantage Home Care’s BYOC program, Vanessa found a lifeline that allowed her to receive the necessary care from a family member.

This video testimonial invites you into Vanessa’s world. The synergy of consumer-directed services and Advantage Home Care allowed her to hire her daughter as a caregiver. This made living in her own home a reality despite the health challenges she faced.

Join us as Vanessa shares her inspiring journey of resilience, empowerment, and the transformative impact of personalized care on her path to reclaiming independence.

Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Vanessa’s Story

Vanassa BYOC testimonial
Vanessa’s Testimonial

Living independently with daily assistance from family (who get paid for helping).

Video Testimonial Transcript Overview


I started with Advantage Home Care for my Mom. She’s our mama. I’d do whatever for her. She’s just a little … EXTRA. An extra patient. I don’t think nobody else keep coming over and do it for a while, I’ll tell you that. They won’t last long.


By having my daughter taking care of me, it doesn’t really matter what’s have at night or day it is, I can call her – just out of the clear blue. So I can call my daughter with her taking care of me and saying “I need you to come in here and do something for me”. Even sometimes with her having her son here, it’s a big help. And everything is just normal. I mean we just do the normal stuff. You know if I’m sick, they got to do the normal stuff so why not get paid to do more stuff. I can get my service when I’m available for her. But then when she get off of work and it could be later in the evening she still can come in and do my laundry basket this up at the door.


The services that I provide her … pretty much everything laundry, cooking, cleaning, and transportation. Making sure she takes her medication, cleaning her, and dressing. Get her to feel comfortable in bed. You know just make conversation. Pretty much everything to make her feel comfortable.


When they told me I had hypertension, and it was the hypertension that took my kidneys out. That’s how I ended up on dialysis.So every year I do a workout to try to get a kidney. I had two open heart surgeries. Cuz when you your kidneys are gone it starts taking away from the other organs in your body. And it started attacking my heart. I never had a heart attack. But I had two major heart surgeries. They didn’t want me to come home, they wanted me to go to a rehabilitation center. So I’m looking at this book trying to figure out which one I can go to cuz I got to go to one that can take me to dialysis.

Advantage Home Care is really really good about checking in with you, and making sure you don’t need anything. Do you need anything, they always call. I got all their phone numbers in my phone so when my phone just ring the news one of them.


And what I like about Advantage Home Care, I enjoy the pay, I get paid weekly. It comes in handy with my little one. And for the most part they treat me like family. They are like a family, they call to check up on you. You can call them anytime they answer anything. If they don’t answer they get right back with you. When you go to the building you know they take care of you of everything you need. I enjoy working with Advantage Home Care.

Traditional Home Care Services
Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) program (Missouri CDS program)

If you need assistance to live independently or if you know someone that you’d like to work for/with BYOC, check our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.