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BYOC Opportunity

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BYOC Opportunity

Advantage Home Care’s Bring Your Own Caregiver Program

If you care for an elderly or disabled friend or family member


If you are disabled and require extra help with daily tasks…

You may be missing a HUGE opportunity. Our Bring Your Own Caregiver, BYOC, program helps friends or family members get paid for providing care to people with Medicaid or Medicaid waiver benefits, with Consumer Directed Services.

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Over 3,000 clients receive loving care from the largest home health care provider in Missouri.

You can too! Advantage Home Care is your #1 Choice for home health services. Let us help you determine if you are eligible or if it is time to switch to the #1 provider in Missouri.

Bring Your Own Caregiver, BYOC

Consumer Directed Services

Discover our BYOC (Bring Your Own Caregiver) approach to receiving care from someone you know, love and trust. You may be eligible if you are 60 or older or an adult with a disability between 18 and 59 years of age. Advantage Home Care can help you determine if you are eligible in one quick phone call.

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What are Consumer Directed Services or CDS home health care services?

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) are home healthcare services offered by Medicaid or Medicaid waiver programs where the patient needing services can hire the caregiver of their choice. This means that with the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) home health program, you have the flexibility to coordinate your own care.

With our BYOC (Bring Your Own Caregiver) services program you can:

  • Select and direct your caregivers from the comfort of your home
  • Manage the services you receive that are authorized by Medicaid
  • Choose a family member or a friend to provide your services
  • Feel the trust and comfort of being in control

With Consumer Directed Services, you caregiver, personal care attendant (PCA), or home health aide can be your friend, neighbor, or family member (other than a spouse or legal guardian). Your loved one will get paid to help with daily chores or personal care needs, including:

  • Help cooking, cleaning your house or doing laundry
  • Taking medications on time
  • Assist with bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, or other personal care needs
  • Run errands, take you to appointments, or help with mobility needs

It’s likely you are if you are a senior or a person with a disability, would like to hire your own personal caregiver and you are:

  • Over 18 Years Old
  • Have Medicaid
  • Have a disability preventing you from performing certain daily activities
  • Are able to direct your own care
  • Live in Missouri

Find out if you qualify for our Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) program in one quick phone call.

Call toll-free (888) 678-CHOICE (2464) now.

Are Consumer Directed Services or CDS home health care services new?

No, in fact, over 30,000 people are enrolled in CDS in the state of Missouri alone! And…Consumer Directed Services are offered in over 40 states.

With COVID-19, Consumer Directed Services grew 20% in 2020 alone. COVID-19 permanently changed the way health care services will be delivered in the future. More and more people, just like you became aware of how choosing your own caregiver is a game-changer for Home Health Services.

Choosing your own personal care giver for non-medical services under various Medicaid programs just makes sense.

Why wouldn’t you want someone you know, like and trust to provide your CDS services? Advantage Home Care is the number one care provider for CDS home care and other services (Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical Personal Care, and Home Health Care). You deserve the best.

What are the Benefits of Consumer Directed Services?

The most significant benefit of Consumer Directed Services is the flexibility to receive the authorized care you need on your schedule. By hiring friends or family members to provide your services, you can ensure you receive care when it works for you and your family.
It can be stressful to find a Personal Care Attendant that you trust and like. By hiring your friends or family members in the community, you know you are being cared for by someone you trust and they are getting paid to be there for you.
The COVID-19 pandemic made it scary or uncomfortable for many patients to allow outside Personal Care Attendants come into their home to provide their authorized services. Hiring a family member or friend through Consumer Directed Services was the answer many people just like you were looking for. CDS home health services allowed them to feel comfortable selecting their home health aid to provide authorized services.
When your agency selects a caregiver for you, matching schedules can be tough. Often times, you have to adapt the timing of your services to your caregivers availability. Consumer Directed Services provide the flexibility to schedule your services when you need them. By hiring your family or friend, provide them flexible scheduling and daily pay. With Advantage, you can help a family member looking for additional work.
Consumer Directed Services is often the answer to helping patients just like you receive care from home instead of receiving these services in a nursing home or other inpatient setting.

Bring Your Own Caregiver, BYOC

Consumer Directed Services – Determine Eligibility

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