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Phone Program

Affordable Cell Phone Programs

Stay Connected

Advantage Home Care Knows How Important It Is To Stay Connected

We want all our CareGIVERs and clients to stay connected with us, with each other, with families, friends, and medical professionals.


Let us help you find the government program and wireless provider so you can affordably stay connected.

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Advantage Home Care helps you find a program to get a free or discounted phone/internet service.

Qualified staff and clients may receive:

  • Free or Discounted Phone/Internet Service
  • Free Phone with Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Free Tablet
  • Free Amazon Prime
  • Free Prime Video

To find out if you qualify, speak to an Advantage Home Care representative.
Call (888) 678-CHOICE (2464) or fill out the form.

Where do you live?

Everyone should stay connected!

CareGIVERS – Reach out to your local office if you need additional help.

Our Patients/Clients/Residents – If you need additional help contact your local Advantage Home Care office.