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Missouri BYOC DailyPay

Caregiver Jobs with Daily Pay in Missouri

Do you want to get paid to take care of a family member or friend?

Medicaid recipients may be eligible to hire you through our BYOC program.

Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) is funded by Medicaid. It enables people to choose their caregiver with the Consumer Directed program. CareGIVERS can get paid after their shift with DailyPay.

Missouri residents may be Eligible for

Consumer Directed Services

Medicaid recipients may be eligible for Consumer Directed Services through our Bring Your Own Caregiver program (BYOC).

CareGIVERS, see how fast you can get started with pay & benefits to work for a friend or family member. Care RECEIVERS and CareGIVERS are invited to fill out the form below to determine eligibility or Call Us (888) 678-CHOICE (2464).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the frequently asked questions below to read more about daily pay for caregivers and our BYOC program.

What is BYOC

BYOC is Advantage Home Care’s “Bring Your Own Caregiver” program associated with Medicaid’s Consumer Direct Services.

What is Consumer Direct Services (CDS)

Medicaid Consumer Direct Services (CDS) is also known as Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Consumer-directed care programs are alternative ways for individuals to receive home-based services. Eligible consumers (Medicaid recipients) choose and hire their care providers rather than having an agency dictate who delivers care.

Learn more on Consumer Directed Services Explained

What kind of work does a caregiver do?

Medicaid-funded consumer direction- programs allow enrollees to directly hire caregivers to provide personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. Caregivers might also provide transportation to medical appointments, assistance with household chores, and help with meal preparations.

Who can be hired as a CareGIVER with BYOC?

  • A child of the Medicaid recipient
  • Relative (but not the spouse)
  • Friends

Who is eligible for the BYOC program?

People eligible for a BYOC careGIVER may be eligible if:

  • Medicaid recipients
  • Who are ill or disabled
  • Live in Missouri
  • Are able to direct their own care
  • And need assistance with daily activities

What is DailyPay?

DailyPay is an APP that enables employees of Advantage Home Care quick access to their earned pay.

Employees can track their hours online and receive their earnings on their own schedule. A caregiver can receive instant access to your earned income or receive it on the next business day.

What do I need to sign up with DailyPay?

Advantage Home Care offers DailyPay to employees who sign up for it.

In addition to signing up, you need a bank account, prepaid debit card, or a payroll card so that DailyPay knows where to send your earned pay.

*DailyPay’s requires you to have direct deposit for your paychecks so they can transfer your earned pay into your account of choice whenever you request a transfer.

DailyPay does not require you to have a social security number.

I have more questions about DailyPay, where should I go to learn more?

  1. You may visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of DailyPay.
  2. Check out the Advantage Home Care FAQs
  3. Advantage Home Care employees may speak to our Payroll Department.

What happens if I sign up for DailyPay but don't transfer my earnings?

The earned income that you don’t transfer before payday will simply be paid to you as Remainder Pay on your scheduled payday.


Advantage Home Care simplifies the payroll process to get CareGIVERS paid quicker.

Our dedicated team of payroll specialist will do everything they can to get CareGIVERS paid quickly. We offer electronic time & attendance, weekly pay, direct deposit and 24/7 online access to your paycheck stubs and W2’s.




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Medical Benefits, Dental, Life Insurance

Daily Pay

Competitive Pay

Fun, Lively, and Family Work Environment

Room for Advancement

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Become an Advantage Home Care Employee

If you have a family or friend who might be eligible for the Bring Your Own CareGIVER program find out if they are eligible by filling out the form at the top of the page.

We also welcome CareGIVER applicants who don’t have a person in mind.

Getting Started is Easy!

The Advantage Home Care Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) program is for those eligible for Consumer Directed Services.
Contact us to determine eligibility. Call (888) 678-CHOICE (2464).
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