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Our Clients Experience the ADVANTAGE of QUALITY care.

Identifying the right caregiver for yourself or someone you love can be overwhelming. Many of our current and former clients have shared their Advantage Home Care experiences with video testimonials. Please listen to their stories.

Video Testimonials

Theresa's Story

Martha's Story

Vincent's Story

Vanessa's Story

Howard's Story

Shawn's Story

Kenneth's Story

Millie's Story

Annie's Story

Elderly diabetic thrives with in-home aide
on Annie’s story

Our clients are like family

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You deserve control over the care you receive.

Enjoy the ADVANTAGE of choice.

In-Home Care

We choose a caregiver that meets your needs, is a good match for you and feels like a part of your family.

Model of Care

You choose someone you already know, love and trust. This may be a family member, friend, child, relative, spouse, church member, etc.

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