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CDS Helped Me Retain My Daughter

My daughter gets paid through the Missouri CDS program and Advantage Home Care to help me live independently with severe back pain.

A broken back injury can mean living with chronic pain. In Missouri many many be eligible for the CDS (Consumer Direct Service), and have a family member get paid for home health care. At Advantage Home Care we call it Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC).

In this video, Theresa explains why she needs assistance to be able to live independently, and how BYOC enabled Theresa’s daughter to become her daily caregiver. Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Theresa’s Story

Theresa CDS testimonial broken back
Theresa’s Testimonial

Salem, Missouri

Living independently is possible with the help of my daughter who can get paid for daily help.

Video Testimonial Transcript

Theresa: My name is Theresa L. and this is Kayla H., she’s my daughter and she is my caregiver. 

CareGIVER Kayla: I help her bathe, I do her dishes, I change her linens, I provide her transportation, I do about everything.

Theresa: It takes me like 3 hours to do like three sinks full of dishes because I have to stop and go sit down for a minute and then get back up because I have to bend over the sink. And my back is broke in the lower part of my back and in between my shoulders blades. It really takes a toll on me.  My doctor said I can’t lift over 5 lb and stuff like that. So it’s really helpful for me to have her to come in everyday.

CareGIVER Kayla: It works out for me because I am able to bring my kids. With other agencies I had to miss out on time with my daughter that I had at the time, just her.  But with this caregiving job I don’t have to miss out on any time with my kids.  

Theresa: I don’t mind dealing with Advantage Home Care, they don’t make me angry like the other agencies did. They call me once a month for my monthly checkup. If I need anything, they are right there to help.  And I I appreciate that. And they don’t require long stories, they don’t say “why do you need help with this,  why do you need help with that”. They don’t do that. If I need help I tell them and they’ll try to do their best to do whatever they can get done for me and they don’t have they don’t ask questions about why like other agencies were always asking WHY questions – why do you do this, why do you need that. Why? Why? Well this one don’t. And I love Advantage Home Care.

Bring Your Own Caregiver and Traditional Home Care Services

If you are experiencing chronic pain and need assistance to live independently, you may be eligible for our Bring Your Own Caregiver program. Check our service areas and contact us to determine if Advantage Home Care services might work for you.