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Video Testimonial Howard COPD and Fainting

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When diseases like COPD and fainting make it difficult to live at home alone, home health care helps a lot!

Picking Your Own Home Health Care Aide

Howard’s testimonial illustrates how a person may need help with daily chores when certain diseases/illnesses occur. He has COPC and a fainting illness and needs assistance to be able to live independently. He also has taken advantage of Advantage Home Care’s Bring Your Own Caregiver program (in Missouri he qualified for the Consumer Direct Service, CDS government program). Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Howard’s Story

Howard copd and fainting home health care testimonial + BYOC
Howard’s Testimonial

Living independently with COPD and vagal fainting.

Video Testimonial Overview

Hi, I’m an ex-law enforcement and school bus driver. I ended up with diseases that I can’t work those jobs anymore.

I’ve got COPD and I’ve got a vagal fainting (Vasovagal syncope) – I start to choke, cough, and my neck swells, and the blood circulation goes up to my brain. You know it’s something to live with but you got to watch what you do, you got to make sure you remember to swallow. Once you pass out it’s like you have a seizure.

So I met up with the girls of Advantage Home Care and they signed me up. They arrange to get people to come in and help me out. You know, the stuff I can’t keep up with, they help me do that. It helps me out so that I can just stay here (live at home). They do some of the cooking, cleaning, the laundry. Mainly what would catch up with you if you don’t do it all the time. It helps out a lot.

With Advantage Home Care you can pick your own people (home care aides). You can pick somebody that you can trust and that knows you.

Traditional Home Care Services
Bring Your Own Caregiver Program

If you or someone you know needs assistance to live independently, check our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.