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Video Testimonial When a Fall Risk Needs a Home Caregiver

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When a Fall Risk Needs a Home Caregiver

For individuals navigating the challenges of being a fall risk requires a delicate balance between independence and safety. A fall can be not only physically detrimental but can also have lasting emotional effects, eroding one’s confidence and sense of security. In the pursuit of aging in place, a home caregiver becomes a crucial ally, offering personalized support that goes beyond mere assistance. From providing physical aid to implementing preventative measures, a caregiver’s presence ensures a home environment that is not only safe but also fosters a sense of autonomy and dignity.

Reasons why having a home caregiver is a vital lifeline for those at risk of falls

Listen to a heartwarming journey that showcases the power of compassionate care and the difference it makes in the lives of individuals like Judy. Meet Judy, a woman who, like many, wishes to age in the comfort and familiarity of her own home. However, Judy faces the challenge of being a fall risk, making the support of a dedicated home caregiver essential for her safety and well-being.

In this video, we delve into Judy’s story, exploring the daily joys and challenges she encounters, and the invaluable assistance provided by her caregiver, Michelle, from Advantage Home Care. Join us as we witness the profound impact of personalized, client-centered care, and the bond that forms between Judy and Michelle, exemplifying the commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those who choose to embrace the warmth of home while navigating unique health considerations.

Watch the video below or view on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Judy’s Story

Judy slip and fall, needs caregiver

Judy becomes a fall risk and needs assistance to stay in her home.

Video Testimonial Transcript


Well I fell. I fell down a bunch of stairs. And I have several problems now that I need a caregiver with almost every task that I have. When I moved here … with no steps, I fell again here and ruptured a disk in my lower back. So I have problems and I’m a fall risk – I fall a lot. – And I don’t drink. 🙂

CareGiver Michelle:

I went to the office and they said we need somebody to work for Miss Judy. And .. I’ve been with her ever since. Advantage Home Care … they’re awesome people.


She likes working for Advantage Home Care. I’m kind of a private person, I don’t like everybody in my business, and I don’t like it right knowing what I do. And maybe I’m not that easy to get along with sometimes. I have to have somebody that is kind of cool. I tried Michelle now and we make it fun.

CareGiver Michelle:

We have a good time.


Her and I, we’ve been clicking. She helps me with everything. I try, I try to get up and then I’ll call her for help. She helps with whatever – bathing or anything. Sometimes I can’t get out of the bath or I fall in there. And it’s hard to find somebody that you’re not embarrassed in front of or you know.

CareGiver Michelle:

That’s all part of it (the caregiving).


I don’t want everybody in my business.

CareGiver Michelle:

I get her coffee. Help her get dressed. Change her bedding. If she needs a bath or shower, I help her with that. Clear her bathroom. Wash dishes. Anything.


I’m not bashful about what I say. They put up with me. I don’t know why. But they do put up with me – it feels more like a family to me and she thinks I’m crazy.

CareGiver Michelle:

Not really. Just fun and crazy.


We get along good! She laughs alot. We both laugh alot. Which helps. I tell her about when I was young. All the wild stuff I did. I’ve done everything in my life. But you live this many years and there’s a lot of things that have happened. She’s likes to hear my stories, I think. Advantage allowed me to choose my own caregiver so that pleased me so!

Did you know that in some states there are options to be able to choose your own caregiver? This can turn the unfortunate situation of being a fall risk into a positive lifestyle experience. Learn about Consumer Directed Services and our BYOC – bring your own caregiver.

Home Care Services for Fall Risks

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