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What Traditional Home Care Looks Like

Home Care for a Broken Back Recovery

Millie’s life dramatically changed after breaking her back. She needed to quit work and needed assistance to be able to live at home. Home care for a broken back recovery – watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Millie’s Story

testimonial Millie broken back
Millie’s Testimonial

Living independently and recovering from a broken back.

Video Testimonial Transcript

Millie: My name is Millie Adkins and I broke my back in two helping my husband Sam stay up so he wouldn’t fall.

When I was with Dr Hall Olive when he did the surgery on me he told me I would have to have someone to come in and help me because I couldn’t be able to do a lot of things. He said that if I would fall the wrong way, I could die instantly. I had to quit work. That was very hard on me.

Eric from Helping Senior Service helped me. At the time I was upset at him because he was taking away a part of my life, but he ended up being a blessing. This (referring to Sandra) is the best person in the world. She’s precious lady and she’s just another sister that God has put in my pathway.

Sandra: I’m Millie’s caregiver. I have probably been with Millie I’m thinking I’ve been with Millie maybe a year or a little over year. As long as what I’ve been with you you’re not on the beautiful on the outside, you’re beautiful on the inside.

Millie: Ohhh you’re the beautiful one! Oh it’s been a blessing it has answered my prayer. Back then I was in severe pain when Sandra first started coming. Now my pain is so minimum I can actually get up and work on my quilts again. I love to cut blocks and sew quilts. I’m very seldom have to use my cane and walker now. She mops my floors, vacuums, and keeps my bathtub clean. She’s been such a blessing. She does my laundry, fixes my breakfast, gets my coffee, and brings my medicine to me. Sometimes she want something to do she’ll go out and sweep my front porch off. There’s just a million things that Sandra does for me. I just love them (Advantage Home Care), they’ve been great, they’re just like family. I love them all, they’re just like little angles sent to me.

Sandra: I just love working for Advantage Home Care. It’s the best job that I ever remember having. It’s very rewarding to be able to go help people. They (Advantage Home Care) really cares. I mean their number one priority is the people that we go in their homes. It’s the people that we work for. And of course their priority is for their workers too. But their number one goal is to make sure that people like Millie are taken care of. The other caregivers support eachother, one time I was sick and I couldn’t go and get Millie’s groceries on the day that she needed groceries and Tara went to get the groceries. I figure it was probably on her lunch hour. That’s kind of people they are they’re very loving and caring.

Millie: They’re they’re a blessing!

Traditional Home Care Services

If you are recovering from a broken back and need assistance to live independently, check our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.