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Video Testimonial Home Care for Cerebral Palsy Disability

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Home Care for Cerebral Palsy Disability

A mother and son talk about CP home health care

Children that grow up with Cerebral Palsy (CP) can benefit from home health care services to help them live safely in their home.

Kenneth and his Mom talk candidly about his CP. Even after years of occupational therapy their home health care aide helps him live live at home with his Mom with a degree of independence.

Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Kenneth’s Story

Kenneth talks about his CP disability and how home health care helps him stay safe at home
Home Care for Cerebral Palsy

Living independently with Cerebral Palsy

Video Testimonial Transcript

Kenneth: I’ve seen this on TV so I know how this works.

Mom: And I think he wants to be a celebrity so bad. It’s just he loves reality TV.

Kenneth: Yes.

Mom: He wants me to sign him up for The Bachelor. He said he wants to give a bunch of girls roses.

Kenneth: (their dog Buddy appears on the film and Kenny gently askes him to “go over there”) That’s my dog. I love my dog. My name is Kenneth Brookins and this is my mama Joyce.

Mom: What does everybody call you?

Kenneth: KJ! They call me KJ because that is my nickname! I’m a good kid. I’m funny to be around and I am a sweet kid.

Mom: You know what? You’re not a kid any more. You’re a handsome young man!

Kenneth: I’m smart, I’m funny. And I like to watch basketball. I like to do anything.

Mom: Sign him up for The Bachelor!

Kenneth: I got cerebral palsy. I can’t walk. I need help to walk. I need help. I can do most of the stuff on my own.

Mom: I had a severe case of pre-clampsia. So he was born at 28 weeks, and he stated at Children’s Hospital NICU from January 24th until April 11th. He had air pockets in his brain which caused the motor skills. He’s been in therapy since birth and in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy – everything. So he does need total assistance with going to the bathroom like transfers and bathing and stuff like that. But with all the therapy and through life, you know and occupational therapy he has been able to use thos skills but he still needs us to help him. So I really didn’t start getting home health services until he graduated from high school. That transition when I was able to get home health care services was great. To know that he can be at home and he can still be able to do the things you know, he can still be safe and have a great time and still be in his own comfort zone. He is okay, he’s fine.

I’ve had my current aide five years or longer.

Kenneth: She’s so sweet. We play games and watch movies. She buys me something to eat. She’s just a sweet person.

Mom: They’re like family. That’s the think I’d like you to know. It’s very hard to find people you can depend on and reliable, and that’s in your home and you feel comfortable with your child. If I need anything I just call and let them (Advantage Home Care) know and everything is taken care of.

Kenneth:Yes, they will always be there for me.

Home Care Services for Cerebral Palsy

Home health care assistance for people with CP to live independently, check our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.