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Video Testimonial Home Caregiver for COPD

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It Can Be Difficult to Manage COPD Alone

Home Caregivers Help Those Living with COPD

People tend to want to live at home and receive care when living with a chronic disease like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Not everyone has family support to help a COPD patient perform their activities of daily living. A home caregiver can help someone with COPD manage daily tasks, self-care, and transportation.

Long-term care at home is available for many with COPD. Some may even consider selecting their own caregiver (someone they already know) through the Advantage Bring Your Own Caregiver program Learn about Consumer Directed Services and our BYOC – Bring Your Own Caregiver.

In the video below, Roy tells his health story about how COPD and some other medical issues made it difficult for him to manage his self-care, home, and pets. He elected to choose an old friend as his caregiver through Advantage Home Care. Watch the video below or view on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Roy’s Story

Roy with COPD choose his own caregiver

Roy needs assistance to stay in his home.

Video Testimonial Transcript

Roy’s Medical Situation

My name is Roy Gibson, I’ve been receiving Home Care Services for at least 10 years. I couldn’t breathe, when I would talk I wasn’t stopping to take a breath.  My difficulty breathing – I have COPD. I also have high blood pressure, diabetes, Diverticulitis, … all kinds of stuff.

Bring Your Own Caregiver Program (BYOC)

Advantage Home Care gave me the choice to pick my own caregiver worker.  He does the cleaning, laundry, cooking, sweeping, and stuff like that. We’ve been friends for a long time. He’s a male. He’s competent.  I’m confident with him. I trust him.

The staff in the office enjoy my calls because I’m always cutting up with them. They say they’re fighting over me.  Actually, they bring out the best in me.

I collect clocks antique clocks, mantles, kerosene lanterns, and lamps hanging from the ceiling. I love to garden, but I have a problem getting down, I have to have a cane or something to help me get up. I have lots of chickens and 7 dogs – 5 dogs in the house (3 females that just love me to death) and he has 2 dogs. Plus there are two out in the yard that watch the chickens, ducks, and rabbits (we have lots of little rabbits). Those are his chores, they’re not mine.  Laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor, mopping,  vacuuming, bed making –  it all helps. Otherwise, it would just go into one big mess. So I would say if you need it (Home Care Services), go for it.  You know it helps. Advantage Home Care is a great company with great staff.

Home Care Services for COPD

If you have COPD and need assistance with daily tasks,
check out our service areas and contact us to learn more about our Home Care Services and our BYOC program.