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Video Testimonial Supplemental Care and Aging in Place

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Home Care Enables Aging in Place

After a few falls, the elderly quickly learn to accept supplemental care to enable aging in place

As people age the risk of falls increase. When they start to use walkers, they still need assistance to be able to live at home. Their family may help regularly but they might need supplemental care.

In the video below, meet Vincent, a resilient individual who, after a series of falls, found himself at a crossroads, determined to maintain his independence. In his heartfelt video testimonial, Vincent shares his journey of seeking assistance to continue living life on his terms. Faced with the need for personal care, household support, transportation, and nursing, Vincent’s story is a poignant reminder of the diverse and comprehensive nature of the assistance that enables individuals to thrive independently. Join us as Vincent opens up about the challenges he faced and the transformative impact that the right support, encompassing various facets of daily life, had on his ability to embrace autonomy and well-being.

Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Vincent’s Story

Vincent aging in place
Aging In Place

Aging in Place: Living independently may mean accepting daily help

Video Testimonial Overview

Well, here a while back a lady come and wanted to know who I could get to take care of me. 

I fell in the bathroom a couple of times. It’s ain’t good to fall. Oh, I have to have care, I mean my son makes sure that I don’t fall. But I have to be careful, I have to use a walker. 

My son takes me out, we went to like a ball game the other night. They take me to the store,  take me places sometimes we went to the movie a couple times.  

The nurse, the one that was here, does my vitals. She trims my fingernails and my toenails. She also does the prescriptions. The other nurse is as good as her. Chris and Amy, they take care of me, they make sure I’m okay.  They check on me every once in a while. She works quite a bit and he does too. She cleans the house, mops it, vacuums the rug, makes my bed and everything.

It’s real important to have you know people you know.

My caregivers are my family.

Traditional Home Care Services

If you or a family member needs assistance to age-in-place, to live independently, check our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.