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Video Testimonial VA Short-Term Home Care Story

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A VA Short-Term Home Care Story

Did you know that Veterans may use their VA Aid and Attendance benefit funds for long-term and short-term home care services? If a Veteran needs help with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) they may be eligible.

Perris has had a long military career and when faced with a medical issue that made it difficult to walk without assistance he needed short-term home care assistance. In the video below, Perris tells his story about needing temporary assistance as he was recuperating. Watch the video below or view it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Perris’ Story

Perris VA home care

Perris describes his temporary equilibrium issues and need for short-term home care.

Video Testimonial Transcript

A Veteran with a Long Military Career

My name is Perris Rask. I got drafted in 1964. I was in the army. I was a wheel vehicle mechanic to start off with. I wanted to get promoted to make E5 and to do that I had to extend my enlistment so I enlisted in the Reserves. After that, I changed my MOS and became a Bridge Sergeant (with no experience at all). Later on, I became a drill sergeant. Then I became a Senior enlisted engineer advisor to the Ohio and Kentucky National Guards. I was an E-7 at that time.

A Veteran Faces Equilibrium Issues

One morning I lost my equilibrium. Everything was spinning. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up. Eventually, I could walk but I walked like I was seasick. Suddenly I couldn’t move. I went to the hospital for a couple of days, about a week.  After some time I got up, fell down, and couldn’t get up again. I was there 8 hours and when it didn’t pass, I had to call an ambulance. The ambulance loaded me up and took me back to the hospital. Within about a week I started having extreme pain, like sticking my finger in a light socket and getting zapped. They tried to start physical therapy. I’d walk along with a walker and with two people on both sides of me.

Now 120 feet is my limitation without having to stop. If I continue to walk, I have to sit down.

VA Recommends Home Caregiver

Debbie was the caregiver that came to our house from the VA to assist me with being able to cope with this. She wanted to it be as helpful as she possibly could be to ease the stress of my recuperation. To get well, I needed a lot of help to cope with my new limitations.  Debbie was extremely helpful. People don’t realize how helpful a home caregiver can be. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I know that it was an extremely good program.

The home care service was extremely helpful and took off a lot of pressure. My wife had been extremely worried when she had to leave the house and I was home alone. Sometimes I couldn’t get to the phone quickly – it was very helpful with Debbie being here. There were a lot of things I just couldn’t do right away.

In-Home Veterans Care Services

Veterans may be eligible for long-term or short-term Home Care Services.

Check out our service areas and contact us to determine if you qualify.



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