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Video Testimonial Staying Independent with Advantage Home Care

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Staying Independent with Advantage Home Care

Phyllis chose Advantage Home Care to stay independent at home. Hear how her caring aide & nurse help her thrive.

Living alone at home after a few falls became a worry for Phyllis and her family. A nursing home wasn’t the answer, so Phyllis turned to Advantage Home Care. In this heartwarming video, Phyllis shares how her kind and helpful aide, Isabelle, and her dedicated nurse, Carla, have made it possible for her to stay safe, comfortable, and connected in her own home.

Watch the video below or view on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis fall risk can live home alone with caregiver assistance

Phyllis, a fall risk, can live home alone with caregiver assistance.

Video Testimonial Transcript

How did you know you needed a caregiver?

Phyllis: I noticed that I was falling, I fell about three times. My kids were kind of hesitant about me staying in a place by myself (living alone). And I’m not going to a nursing home, I’m not not ready for that and I never will be.

How is your caregiver helpful?

Phyllis: Isabelle is my caregiver. She’s very helpful if I have to go to the store. She can go with me and she’s always there with her hand to help me up on the curve or help me out of the car and things like that. So I’m very comfortable she does a lot around here. She dust and vacuums. Today she said she was going work on the freezer. I said “I think it needs it”. She changes sheets for me on the bed. That’s something that is a very hard for me to do is to do, to make a bed.

How do you like your Advantage nurse?

Phyllis: She takes care of all my meds, setting up all my medications. She does my blood pressure, all my vitals it’s done. I’m very comfortable with Carla. I look forward to Wednesday morning when I know she’s going to come. We visit and talk about grandchildren and I’m very very comfortable with Carla I know I can ask her something and I know if she’d be there.

My name is Carla and I an RN with Advantage Home Care. I work with Phyllis, I come and see her once a week on Wednesday mornings. Whenever anybody asks me if I can recommend a home care company I tell them if you’re looking for an aid and a nurse you can find will you can find that anywhere in Columbia. But if you’re looking for somebody who’s going to treat you or your loved one like family, you need to go with Advantage Home Care. When I come here on Wednesday mornings it is truly like coming to see my family. Coming to visit, we do just as much visiting as we do anything else I do her nursing assessment and then we start the visiting babies grandbabies, recipes, share pictures. It is truly just like being with family something I look forward to every Wednesday morning.

Did you know that in some states there are options to be able to choose your own caregiver? If you are a fall risk and struggle with staying independent learn about Consumer Directed Services and our BYOC – bring your own caregiver.

Home Care Services for Fall Risks

If you or someone you know is a fall risk and needs assistance to stay independent,
check out our service areas and contact us to determine if our home care services might work for you.