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Video Testimonial Stay Independent and Safe at Home with Loving Caregivers

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Stay Independent and Safe at Home with Loving Caregivers

Caregiver Become Family

Home Healthcare with a Homemaker and a Nurse

Watch this heartwarming video testimonial from Joyce. It showcases the benefits of Advantage Home Care when it becomes difficult to live alone. Video highlights include:

  • Long-lasting, trusted companionship: Joyce considers her caregiver Marcela a dear friend and “unadopted granddaughter.”
  • Honest and reliable care: Joyce feels safe and secure knowing Marcela is always there for her, on time and truthful.
  • Support for daily needs: With Advantage Home Care, Joyce receives assistance with medication management and daily tasks, allowing her to maintain her independence.
  • Staying in your own home: The most important benefit for Joyce is staying in the comfort and familiarity of her own home.

Is Advantage Home Care right for you? Watch the full video to learn more about how Advantage can help you or your loved ones live a safe and fulfilling life at home.

Video Testimonial

Listen to this caregiver and care receiver in the video below. Watch the video below or view/share it on YouTube.

Joyce’s Story

joyce testimonial

After a series of surgeries it became impossible to live alone until…

Home Health Aides Become Family

Video Testimonial Transcript

Joyce & Her Caregivers

Joyce: This is my homemaker and very dear friend Marcela.  She’s been with me for about 2 years.
Marcela:  I just showed up one day to help you. It started from there and I never left. You’re stuck with me!
Joyce: Now she’s my unadopted granddaughter. I don’t believe in all the years that she’s been with we’ve had any fusses, arguments, or hard feelings. I don’t think we’ve ever had any.

What do you like about your caregiver?

Joyce: What I like about her is she’s honest. She will tell you the truth. I have what some people call a lie-detector, I can tell when you’re lying. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. She has never lied to me. She’s truthful with me. She’s here when I need her. She’s not only on time, she is before time.

How did you know you needed a caregiver?

Joyce:  I’ve had um open heart surgery, triple bypass, and I have had knee surgery and back surgery. See I cannot walk. I don’t have any back at all anymore.  And my knee are bad. But I feel safe now with her. I feel extremely safe.

What does your Advantage nurse do?

Joyce: I have a nurse too. She plans my medication for me. With planners she fixes my medication every Wednesday for me. She knows my medication better than I do. She’s marked everything with what it is on the bottle.

What are the benefits of Home Healthcare?

Joyce: You’ll be the independent person you were. And you can think for yourself. You don’t have somebody planning your day or thinking for you. I can live as I did before with somebody to help me do it. And it means everything to me to be able to still stay in my home.

Living Home Safely with Home Healthcare Assistance

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