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Video Testimonial My Mom Needs Additional Assistance at Home

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When Mom Needs Assistance at Home

All too familiar are the stories of adult children of parents who begin to need assistance to be able to stay in their homes. Beyond the medical challenges, adult children often have full-time jobs and families of their own. They struggle to adequately support their parent’s growing medical needs and home assistance needs.

In this video testimonial, Elizabeth talks about her Mom, Joyce, her medical journey, the services she needed to stay in her home, and their experiences with Advantage Home Care. Watch the video below or watch on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Joyce’s Story

Testimonial daughter talks about her Mom home care needs and Advantage.
Elizabeth talks about her Mom, Joyce’s homecare needs.

Adult Children of Parents Who Need Assistance to Stay At Home

Video Testimonial Overview

I’m Elizabeth. I teach and help take care of my mom. My mom is Joyce, and she has been receiving services since 2019.

Medical Journey

Mom was very active in the community and worked at the mission several days a week. Her first medical issues were 4 strokes. Shortly after that, she had a heart attack. The heart attack knocked her down for the count. She struggled a lot.

My Mom needed assistance in the beginning with just about everything. She had a hard time even getting to the restroom by herself. My siblings and I helped her, but it was difficult because we all have jobs and our own families to take care of. We got to the point where we needed outside help.

Homecare Assistance

It was amazing to find homecare assistance for our mother. Her daily needs are taken care of and and we can continue with our jobs and take care of our families.

When we switched to Advantage Home Care, the people in the office were very sweet and easy to get along with. They were very helpful. Any questions we had, they answered right away. They didn’t leave us waiting. And I really like the people here because they are very open and friendly.

I would say one of the things I like best about Advantage is they care about the workers, and they care about the people who are getting the care. Advantage makes sure they make a good match and the caregiver and care receiver get along well. And if they don’t, they find another one. I really love that.

My mom’s favorite caregiver is Bonnie. She is a sweetheart. She comes in and she sits with mom and they talk, she doesn’t come across as a caregiver. She comes across as a friend who comes to visit mom and enjoy their time together.

Having care for my mom as a daughter gives me the freedom to do the things that I need to do. I am very involved in different areas of ministry and then with teaching. I can do that stuff and know that mom is taken good care of.

Mom has grown strong but needs assistance to stay in her home. The homecare aides are not like “workers”, it’s more like just friends coming in and visiting with mom. And I really like that.

If your Mom needs assistance at home and she lives in our service area, contact us to determine if our home care services might work for her.