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Video Testimonial Long-Term Home Care After Surgeries

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Long-Term Home Care After Surgeries

And Choosing Your Own CareGiver

Kelly, a mother of six, dealt with a lot in life, but when she faced recovery from multiple back surgeries, an aneurysm, and Lupus – staying in her own home was only possible with a Home Care Service. She lives in Missouri and is eligible for Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) our name for Consumer Directed Services (CDS).

In Kelly’s video testimonial, she talks about her health issues and the opportunity to hire her son to help with her daily personal care and activities through the Advantage Home Care BYOC program. Watch the video below or view it on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Kelly’s Story

Kelly home care after multiple back surgeries

Kelly’s multiple health issues led her to hire her son through the Advantage Bring Your Own Caregiver

Video Testimonial Transcript

I think I’ve been in the Home Care System for probably 10 years if not more. When I call Advantage Home Care with any type of issue they get right back to me – which is good. I like their quick response!

Kelly’s Journey

I’ve had 4 back surgeries, and that’s what gets me now. When I first found out that I had lupus I fell into a deep depression. I didn’t have a lot of support.

I went to DePaul Hospital (St. Louis) with doctor Alshekhlee (the best doctor in the world, I just love him), he did my brain surgery and I found out I had an aneurysm. I was really really nervous because I didn’t want to leave my babies, it was a 50/50 chance and kind of scary.

I’ve just been through a lot, sometimes I feel like it’s unfair because I’m so young. I do pretty good, my bad days are bad … pretty bad days. But my good days are good days and you know I could get around and the kids will take me out and stuff like that.

I have six kids. I had one pass in October. They’re beautiful kids, they’re pretty good kids. I really have a good support system. My daughter, my middle girl Jazzi, she’s the love of my life, she knows everything about my health issues. And that’s my niece up there (her picture), unfortunately, last year her boyfriend shot and killed her. She had two beautiful babies. That happened, and then I lost my son and that threw me into a deep depression. The world is so crazy now it’s so much different than when I was coming up.

I’ve always been a go-getter. But it feels like life just said, “no we’re just going to shut you down”.

Bring Your Own Caregiver Program

I feel more comfortable choosing a family member (for my caregiver) than an outsider. I’m blessed to have my son as my caregiver, he works for me through the Advantage Home Care BYOC program.

My son will feed me and give me my medicine. Sometimes I am not able to walk around all day – that’s the worst. He pretty much has to help me with just about everything. I call for more (home care) hours when I need a little more help.

I love Advantage Home Care. Whenever I call Advantage and need something or something’s going wrong – I get a same-day if not a next-day response. That is fine. They’re right on it! They call and check on how you’re doing and to see how your caregiver work is doing – and I love that – that to me is fantastic. They’re all sweet, the staff of Advantage Home Care are really sweet. I refer anybody that I know that needs home care to Advantage Home Care. I tell them it’s the best place to go.

Choose Your Own Caregiver  for Home Care Services after Multiple Surgeries

When long-term home care is needed after multiple surgeries (and other health issues) choosing a family member as your caregiver can be a blessing.

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