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Video Testimonial Homecare Neuropathy and Arthritis

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Home Care for Neuropathy and Arthritis

Jeff’s Journey of Comfort and Support with Caregiver Brook

Jeff faced daily challenges at home due to his neuropathy and arthritis. In this heartfelt testimonial, he shares his journey of recognizing the need for home health care and introduces his dedicated caregiver, Brook. Together, they reveal their story of resilience, connection, and transforming everyday tasks into meaningful experiences. Watch their inspiring video below or on YouTube.

Video Testimonial

Jeff’s Story

Jeff neuropathy home care testimonial

Jeff talks about home health care, neuropathy, and arthritis

Facing challenges with neuropathy and arthritis, Jeff recounts his struggles with household chores and the relief found in Brook’s assistance. Through candid conversations, Jeff and Brook delve into the significance of trust, companionship, and the fulfilling nature of caregiving. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Testimonial Transcript

I realized I needed home health care about a year ago. I tried but I just couldn’t do my household chores like I needed to.

What ailments do you struggle with?

Jeff: I have a neuropathy and I have nerve damage in my legs. In fact I’ve got to go for more tests. They said that’s the main thing. I also have arthritis real bad in my legs.

How does a caregiver help?

Brook: I helped Jeff with many different household tasks that he’s not able to do anymore or that are just very difficult on him. Like sweeping and mopping. I know that those chores are very hard on the back. I really enjoy connecting with the clients it’s really nice to come in and while I’m working just kind of chat get close to those people. That’s really something I enjoy doing. I love to take care of others. So that’s a really big perk at this job.

Jeff: She’s exactly right. You create a bond. It helps to have someone to talk to. I’m alone all the time and it’s just nice that and I can trust her you know to if I say something I know it’s not going to go any farther.

Brook: I believe trust is a very important thing when it comes to this kind of work. I try to be a pretty trustworthy caretaker for all my clients.

Jeff: It’s nice to have have someone come in to help do these things that I have trouble doing. And like I said it’s good company for me also makes me feel good that my place is clean and knowing that I didn’t have to hurt myself trying to get it done.

Did you know that in certain states, you can choose your own caregiver? Opting for home care support can empower individuals coping with neuropathy and arthritis to maintain their independence at home. Discover more about Consumer Directed Services and our BYOC (Bring Your Own Caregiver).

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If you or a loved one faces challenges such as neuropathy, arthritis, or other chronic health conditions and needs assistance to safely remain at home, explore our service areas and reach out to us to see if our home care services could be the right fit for your needs.