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Home Care Enables a Couple to Age In Place

When it’s difficult to Age In Place …

The goal of “aging in place” is the ability to live in your own home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level. One way to begin planning how to age in place is to look at any illnesses that you or your spouse might have. Then speak to your doctor and begin looking into home care services. A home caregiver can help when health problems make it difficult for someone to get around or take care of themselves. Home caregiver services can include things like: personal care, household chores, meals, and transportation.

Video Testimonial

Listen to Larry and Venus’ home care story in the video below. This married couple each faced their own health crisis’ and found that Advantage Home Care services enabled them to live safely at home. Watch the video below or view/share it on YouTube.

Larry and Venus Age In Place Story

Larry and Venus age-in-place with home caregivers

Larry and Venus age in place with home caregivers.

Elderly Couple Aging In Place

Larry and Venus are married. Venus has been using home caregiver services for eleven years whereas Larry didn’t need personal care assistance until eight years ago after an accident. The two of them have been using Advantage Home Care services to enable them to live safely and comfortably in their home – to age in place.

Video Testimonial Transcript


My name is Larry Harris, I was born on March 2nd, 1952. Eight years ago I was in a car accident, a really bad one. It was so bad that they didn’t know if I was going to make it, I mean I was broke up everywhere from head to toe. I couldn’t do anything. I had to learn everything over again like a child, I had to crawl and then I had to try to walk.

Venus was already using Advantage Home Care services. She asked me if I needed a home caregiver worker, and I say “Yes”. She introduced me to the people of Advantage and they asked me what I needed.

Home care services gave me a better perspective on life, and it got me to start caring for myself, too. I thought it was going to just be people coming in to do this and be gone – but they came in and did everything I asked them to do. For example, they fed me and helped me get in and out of the shower.

I think it’s very important if something happens to you and you get to the point where you can’t help yourself, to be able to use a company that cares about you. And that’s more important to me.

From then on I’ve been with Advantage for about eight years. It got to the point that they come in and out like they were family. It’s been wonderful. I’ve been telling a lot of people about Advantage Home Care, that they go above and beyond for me. I say “you didn’t have to do that” and the caregiver says “oh, no Mr. Larry this, Mr. Larry that” and it makes me feel good. But as far as the caregiver worker is concerned I think they’re the best. They’re always checking on us to see what we need. I love the company, and I intend to use the company for as long as I’m here – if Advantage Home Care doesn’t mind.

They call me when I don’t always do what I’m supposed to do. That’s good, that’s a good thing. That helps make life worth living as you get older because you’ve got somebody that cares. They’re not strangers; they’ll make your heart just fire with love. I have to give them compliments and praise because that company has really been good to us. Without them, I don’t know what my next step would have been. And that’s been over eight years ago.


In my experience with Advantage Home Care, I’ve been with them for eleven years. Felicia was my first home caregiver and she was very good at everything. Then we had two others and now we have Ms. Walker. Ms. Walker is like mama and everything. Oh, man I just love her! Like my husband said, they were our workers but when they left they were like family. When they call you, they don’t know, but behind the phone, we’re smiling 🙂 because they called to see how we were doing. It feels like a family with Advantage.

I went from the hospital to the nursing home for three months and the caregiver would call to see how I was doing, and that really touched me because it told me that it wasn’t just a job. She showed me that she really cared for me as a person. And I appreciate her and I love her still today for that – because with her I can do a lot of things I never could do like move and travel. It was all because of Felicia. Before her, all I did was stay in my room. That’s the biggest reason why I love Advantage Home Care and I love the works that you provide.

Home Care Services to Age In Place

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