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Homecare for Broken Back Disability

Long Term Back Disability

After a broken back, back surgery, extreme pain, and a scary warning from the doctor a ray of hope comes in the form of a home caregiver. Millie’s testimonial recounts how sometimes life as you know it changes in a split second for the worse. But support in the form of community servies, a home care agency, and a home caregiver begin to make like manageable and even enjoyable.

Video Testimonial

Millie’s Story

In Millie’s video testimonial, she and her home caregiver discuss the homemaking and personal care services that helped her recovery and ease into this long-term disability. Watch the video below or view it on YouTube.

testimonial Millie broken back

Millie’s post broken back surgery home care


Long Term Home Care After Back Surgery

Video Testimonial Transcript

Millie: My name is Millie Adkins and I broke my back in two while helping my husband Sam stay up so he wouldn’t fall.

Dr Paul Olive did the back surgery on me. He told me I would have to have someone come in to help me because I could wouldn’t be able to mop or vacuum. He said that if I should fall or hurt myself the wrong way I could die instantly. I had to quit work. That was very hard on me.

Eric from Health and Senior Service helped me. At the time was mad at him because he was taking part of my life from me. But he ended up being a blessing (he brought me my caregiver Sissy). Sissy is the best person in the world! She’s my health worker, my home caregiver. She’s a precious lady. She’s just another sister that God has put in my path.

CareGiver: My name is Sandra, I’m Millie’s caregiver. I’ve probably been with Millie a year now. For as long as I’ve been with you you’re not only beautiful on the outside, you’re beautiful on the inside.

Millie: Awww, Sandra, you’re the beautiful one. Ohhhh it’s been a blessing. She has been an answer to my prayer. Back then I was in severe pain when Sandra first started. Now my pain is so minimal I can actually get up and work on my quilt. I love to cut blocks and sew quilts. I very seldom have to use my cane or walker now.

She mops my floors, vacuums, she keeps my bathtub clean, and that’s been such a blessing. She does my laundry, fixes my breakfast, gets my coffee, and brings my medicine to me. Sometimes she’ll sweep my porch off. There’s just a million things that Sandra does for me.

I tell you I just don’t know what I would do without Advantage Home Care, they’ve been great. It’s a family. I just love them all. They’re just like little angles to me.

Sandra: I just love working for Advantage Home Care. I really do. It’s really the best job that I remember having. To be able to go help people. They really care. Their number 1 priority people is the people that we go in their homes – it’s the people that we work for. And of course they have a priority for the workers too. Their #1 goal is to make sure that people like Millie and the others are taken care of. One time I was sick and I couldn’t go and get Millie’s groceries the day that she needed groceries and Tara, probably on her lunch hour, went to get Millie’s groceries.

Millie: They are a blessing.

Home Caregiver  after Back Surgery

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