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St. Louis, Missouri

Advantage Home Care family of companies is a compassionate home care agency. We provide home care services in St. Louis, Missouri and other locations. We have offices in Central West End, North County, and South County. 

Home Care Services in St. Louis

Our home care services in St. Louis include but are not limited to:

  • Homemaking Services
  • Pediatric Care Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Respite Care Services
  • Skilled Nurse Services
  • Transport Services
  • and BYOC – Bring Your Own Caregiver our version of Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

St. Louis Offices

Central West End

5145 Delmar Blvd. Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (314) 361-6000
Fax: (314) 361-6009

North County

10431 W. Florissant Ave.
Dellwood, MO 63136
Phone: (314) 869-7773
Fax: (314) 869-7774

South County

12032 Tesson Ferry Rd., Unit 103
St. Louis, MO 63128
Phone: (314) 499-4444
Fax: (636) 465-3333


Joyce and Kenneth share their family story.

Kenneth has cerebral palsy. With physical therapy and occupational therapy he has some skills to take care of himself, but still needs “total assistance”. Joyce, Kenneth’s mom said “My current aide has been with us for 5+ years. She’s like family. It’s very hard to find dependable people to come to your home to take care of your child (young man)”. Kenneth referred to his home aide as “she’s so sweet”. Watch their video and other testimonials videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those looking for home care services often have many questions about the different types of services and about how to determine if you qualify or are eligible for home care services. Following are some local St. Louis, state-wide, and national frequently asked questions about home care services.

Do I need to come into one of the St. Louis offices?

It is not necessary to come into our offices. You may call the phone number of the office nearest you or contact our headquarters to discuss your home care needs.

Which office covers where I live? Do you need home care in Central West End?

Our Central West End offices support residents that live in Benton Park, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Clayton, Chouteau, Des Peres, Eureka, Maryland Heights, Maryville, Normandy, Olivette, Richmond Heights, Southwest, and University City. And residents in these zip codes: 63101, 63104, 63011, 63017, 63025, 63043, 63105, 63106, 63108, 63110, 63112, 63114, 63115, 63116, 63117, 63118, 63119, 63121, 63130, 63131, 63132, 63139, 63147, and 63155.

Which office covers where I live? Do you need home care in North County?

Our North County offices support residents that live in Berkeley, Creve Coueur, Ferguson, Jennings, and Normandy. And St. Louis residents in the zipcodes of: 63074, 63033, 63042, 63044, 63077, 63121, 63134, 63135, 63136, 63138, 63141, 63145, 63301, 63303, 63332, 63338, 63341, 63342, 63366, 63373, 63376, and 63385.

Which office covers where I live? Do you need home care in South County?

Our North County offices support residents that live in Affton, Brentwood, Kirkwood, and Sappington. And residents in these zip codes: 63010, 63011, 63012, 63016, 63021, 63023, 63026, 63049, 63051, 63052, 63053, 63070, 63088, 63119, 63122, 63123, 63125, 63126, 63129, 63144.

More FAQs

Contact our Advantage Home Care offices directly
or call our headquarters (833) 968-7238 to discuss your home care needs


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