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Welcome to Advantage Home Care’s Poplar Bluff, Missouri office, where compassionate care meets your doorstep.  Our tailored home care services cater to individuals facing chronic diseases, disabilities, illness/injury recovery, and those who wish to gracefully age in the comfort of their own homes. We proudly serve not only the vibrant community of Poplar Bluff but also the surrounding towns and various locations across Missouri.

Poplar Bluff Office

926 West Pine St.
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Phone: (573) 686-4711
Fax: (573) 686-4775

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What Our Clients Say

Howard reviews Advantage Home Care Salem MO offic

“So I met up with the girls of Advantage Home Care (Salem office) and they signed me up. They arrange to get people to come in and help me out. You know, the stuff I can’t keep up with, they help me do that. It helps me out so that I can just stay here (live at home). They do some of the cooking, cleaning, the laundry. Mainly what would catch up with you if you don’t do it all the time. It helps out a lot.” ~ Howard’s full review

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Home Care Services

At Advantage Home Care, we’re committed to providing quality care that nurtures both body and spirit, ensuring that every individual we serve experiences the support and compassion they deserve. Our home care services in Poplar Bluff include but are not limited to:

  • Homemaking Services
  • Pediatric Care Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Respite Care Services
  • Skilled Nurse Services
  • Transport Services
  • and BYOC – Bring Your Own Caregiver our version of Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Those looking for home care services often have many questions about the different types of services and about how to determine if you qualify or are eligible for home care services. Following are some local, state-wide, and national frequently asked questions about home care services.

Do I need to come into the Poplar Bluff office?

It is not necessary to come into our offices. You may call the phone number of the office nearest you or contact our headquarters to discuss your home care needs.

Does the Poplar Bluff office cover services in the neighboring areas?


More FAQs

If you are looking for home caregivers for yourself or a loved one, Advantage Home Care has both long-term and respite care services that help people age in place, manage a chronic condition or a disability, or provide support during an accident or an illness. Services include personal care, household chores, and transportation. Ask about our Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC) program.

Contact our Advantage Home Care offices directly
or call our headquarters (833) 968-7238 to discuss your home care needs