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Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care Services Explained

Support services provided in your home

What are Home Health Care Services?

“Home Health Care” is the term used to describe the service of providing nursing support in your home.

If you or a family member has a disability, a chronic health condition, or needs help while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery – you may need nursing assistance to help you stay in the comfort of your home. A nurse can come to your home if you require either short-term or long-term care.

Your doctor will decide which home health care services you need (medications, IVs, wound care, etc) and write the order or script. Your Advantage Home Care caregivers are skilled nurses – RNs or LPNs who will work with your medical team to develop a plan of care that is tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide high-quality care to help you stay safe at home.

FAQ: Home Health Care vs Home Care

Home Health Care is medical services provided at home to treat a long-term or short-term medical situation whereas Home Care is to help with daily activities to allow people to stay safe at home.

skilled nursing for in-home services

What's included in Home Health Care Services?

Your nursing support is based on your medical needs and can include:

Communication with your Health Team and Health Monitoring
IV Therapy, Injections, Nutrition, Wound Care
Medication Management
Patient / Caregiver Education
Respite Care: illness or injury short term support

What help do you need to stay in the comfort of your own home?

Who can receive Home Health Care Services?

Home Health Care services can help people who have medical situations that require skilled nursing assistance. You may receive these services if you have a medical need for nursing support. Eligibility is usually someone who is:

  • Aging and needing assistance to live independently
  • Managing chronic health issues
  • Recovering from a medical setback
  • or someone who has special needs or a disability.
pediatric care, disability care
elderly in-home services

Would You Benefit From These Services?

Skilled Nurse Visits
Skilled Nurse Visits


Respite Care
Respite Care


Pediatric Care
Pediatric Care


Advantage Home Care Service Options

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We find a caregiver for you
Model of In-Home Care

Choose the traditional model if you do not have a caregiver. We will choose a caregiver that meets your needs, is a good match for you and feels like a part of your family.

Available in Missouri and Illinois

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Our Signature BYOC
Bring Your Own Caregiver
Model of Care (CDS)

Choose the BYOC – Bring Your Own Caregiver model if you have someone you already know, love and trust that can get paid to support you. (Family member, friend, child, relative, spouse, church member, etc.)

Available in Missouri


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